Coverity first-day results

Mike Hearn mike at
Sat Apr 8 11:08:03 CDT 2006

Last nights run eliminated 31 defects as flagged by the scanner and added
a new REVERSE_INULL in dlls/secur32/tests/main.c. We're now down from 833
to 803.

That file hasn't changed since February so it appears the scanner is
either still working its way through the code or Coverity are adapting it
as it goes so it can cover more of the codebase. If you look at the
number of functions scanned in each report it constantly goes up, so it
does seem that right now its coverage of the codebase is incomplete.

Nonetheless, wiping out 30 in the space of 2 days is not bad going at all!
Congrats everybody! Of course a few of these bugs are quite trivial or
would be hardly ever encountered, but it's still nice to fix them so they
don't clutter up the reports with noise and it's easier to spot the more
important ones.

thanks -mike

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