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Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sun Apr 9 03:20:35 CDT 2006

I thought I'd give an overview of the status of the ddraw merge. Well, 
basically it's progressing nicely, and the first huge part of the merge has 
been done. The necessary type changes were made to 
include/wine/wined3d_types.h and include/wine/wined3d_interface.h, so ddraw 
can now use the wined3d interface header.

I have uploaded an updated patch against Wine from yesterday, 23:30 to my 
website( ). It contains a few fixes, 
like yet another refcounting cleanup( Ihope that this works fine now :) ), 
and the performance issue on my radeon card, as well as the mipmap issues(all 
cards) are fixed :)

What is next? I will send patches which create the new WineD3D methods needed 
for ddraw. These patches won't contain the implementation, but just the entry 
in the vtable and a stub function. So if someone disagrees with a method, 
then we don't have to discuss about the bare existance of a method and it's 
implementation at the same time :)

Additionally, I will now start writing a lot of test cases for all DirectX 
versions, with an eye for reference counting, in hope that we can fix the 
refcounting crashes finally. I have a test for some unimplemented functions 
in my local tree too, like ProcessVertices.

Once the function stabs are in, and the tests show where we have to go to, 
I'll send the implementation of the functions. After that, all that is left 
is to merge the ddraw.dll code, but first some regression testing has to be 
done. I'll ask then for some testing help here and at wine-users, so we can 
catch regressions before they can occur :)

Thanks for all the help with testing and coding so far :)

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