Pixel Shader questions

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at cornell.edu
Sun Apr 9 04:57:50 CDT 2006

1)  The following pixel shader opcodes appear to be implemented with 
fragment_ARB, yet they are marked REQUIRE_GLSL.
This generates errors, and they are skipped. Is this intentional?


2) D3DSIO_CMP appears incorrect according to info online - the Opengl 
CMP should check >0, while the DirectX checks >= 0.

3) Is there a point at storing the OpenGL code in this large table? I 
don't like how for half the codes wined3d attempts to map them 1:1 to an 
opengl code via this table, and for the other half it doesn't use this 
field at all [ because it can't, combinations are necessary ]. Why not 
get rid of the field completely?

4) Wined3d likes to print out comment tokens as a FIXME - can this be 
downgraded to a TRACE?

5) The d3d9 pixel shader relay says (Disabled) - this is misleading, the 
shaders are enabled.

I want to figure out why HL2 doesn't work - enabling the codes above 
does not seem to help (but looking at the generated shader output, it 
makes make more sense). HL2 has severe texturing, lighting, and sound 
problems with hardware shaders (and it's slow and unusable with the 
software ones).

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