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Elie Morisse lachienne at
Sun Apr 9 08:52:40 CDT 2006

Le 09.04.2006 12:20:35, Stefan Dösinger a écrit :
> Hello,
> I thought I'd give an overview of the status of the ddraw merge. Well, 
> basically it's progressing nicely, and the first huge part of the merge has 
> been done. The necessary type changes were made to 
> include/wine/wined3d_types.h and include/wine/wined3d_interface.h, so ddraw 
> can now use the wined3d interface header.
> I have uploaded an updated patch against Wine from yesterday, 23:30 to my 
> website( ). It contains a few fixes, 
> like yet another refcounting cleanup( Ihope that this works fine now :) ), 
> and the performance issue on my radeon card, as well as the mipmap issues(all 
> cards) are fixed :)
> What is next? I will send patches which create the new WineD3D methods needed 
> for ddraw. These patches won't contain the implementation, but just the entry 
> in the vtable and a stub function. So if someone disagrees with a method, 
> then we don't have to discuss about the bare existance of a method and it's 
> implementation at the same time :)
> Additionally, I will now start writing a lot of test cases for all DirectX 
> versions, with an eye for reference counting, in hope that we can fix the 
> refcounting crashes finally. I have a test for some unimplemented functions 
> in my local tree too, like ProcessVertices.
> Once the function stabs are in, and the tests show where we have to go to, 
> I'll send the implementation of the functions. After that, all that is left 
> is to merge the ddraw.dll code, but first some regression testing has to be 
> done. I'll ask then for some testing help here and at wine-users, so we can 
> catch regressions before they can occur :)
> Thanks for all the help with testing and coding so far :)
> Stefan

Wow that looks promising ! !

Too many games are unplayable because of slowness, "Omikron : The Nomad Soul" is one of them and your patch give me hope to see it working better ( actually it works with some graphic artifacs, but the in-game menu is painfully slow ). However i tried your patch and now i get this error box running demo : "DirectX error : impossible to get the surface attached to the primary surface". Demo is available here :

I've also tested Fallout, it works great, but the fade-in/out problem isn't completely "gone" : no more slowness but no more fade effect too :).

Later i'll test more games, should i forward you results on this ML ?
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