DirectDraw status

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sun Apr 9 10:15:47 CDT 2006

> Too many games are unplayable because of slowness, "Omikron : The Nomad
> Soul" is one of them and your patch give me hope to see it working better (
> actually it works with some graphic artifacs, but the in-game menu is
> painfully slow ). However i tried your patch and now i get this error box
> running demo : "DirectX error : impossible to get the surface attached to
> the primary surface". Demo is available here :
Hm. I will download the file when I'm back at the university, but I have 
holidays now for 2 weeks :)

Note that the ddraw merge doen't target a speed improvement for now, and 
wined3d is a little bit slower than the currect ddraw Direct3D code. So 
unless you hit a bug in the ddraw code, the performance won't improve.

> I've also tested Fallout, it works great, but the fade-in/out problem isn't
> completely "gone" : no more slowness but no more fade effect too :).
> Later i'll test more games, should i forward you results on this ML ?
Yeah, report them to wine-devel. But I'm afraid that most d3d games, except 
the ones I tried will fail for now.

Thanks for the report,
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