Coverity doing scans of Wine codebase!

Colin Wright cdwine at
Sun Apr 9 15:45:29 CDT 2006

James Hawkins wrote:
> On 4/8/06, Colin Wright <cdonline at> wrote:
>>So although it would always return 0 it could set a bogus error.
>>In the -1 example above we have same-sized buffers so the error is bogus.
>>In the -2 example above we haven't even checked the strings so the error is
> Like I said before, this isn't about WideCharToMultiByte being
> 'correct'; it's about the fact that Coverity's analysis of this
> function is wrong, leading to a false positive.  The only person
> that's going to send in a string long enough to overflow the size of
> an int isn't going to care about the last error, only that the attack
> didn't work, because we don't return a negative length and we don't
> access the string with a negative index.  Besides, anyone can overflow
> strlen with a long enough string in (I imagine) most libraries, so
> there's not much we can do about that.  The expected behavior of this
> function goes out the window if a user uses a string that long, and we
> can't consider these bugs in that case.
> --
> James Hawkins
OK.  I haven't read the details of the Coverity bug entry, so I didn't realise
that it was saying that the impact of srclen < 0 was the use of a negative

There can be copying of the massive string by wcstombs_sbcs_slow, called
by wine_cp_wcstombs, called by WideCharToMultiByte, but that increments the
destination pointer so there wouldn't be access using a negative index.

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