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Robert Shearman rob at
Mon Apr 10 06:32:16 CDT 2006

Andreas Mohr wrote:

>On Sun, Apr 09, 2006 at 01:19:45PM -0400, n1iic Jason Greene wrote:
>>Greetings.  I am a new Linux user, and I would like to request a patch 
>>addition to add functionality for a game.
>Oh, not so scared, please ;)
>>The information can be found at 
>>I think for the people that want to learn Linux, applying the patch is a 
>>great exercise, like I found. Unfortunately, it is long and involved and 
>>might scare off those that have less confidence or don't have a guru 
>>handy, but still want to try.
>Problem is that according to the text at the page bottom of the URL mentioned
>above, this hac^H^H^Hpatch is necessary since Wine doesn't support process
>capability restriction properly yet. And it's a crude hack since such a check
>would prevent *all* other programs that happen to pass in a PROCESS_VM_WRITE
>flag from working properly.
>IOW, it's a Continuum-specific patch that would fix Continuum and break about
>5 dozens other programs horribly. ;)
>Since it's thus an obvious ugly hack the only way for this to go in would be
>by properly implementing process capability restrictions instead. Possibly
>at this stage of Wine development Wine already supports this feature
>but it's broken in this specific case.
>This stuff should be implemented by following the OpenProcess -> NtOpenProcess
>-> wineserver open process function link:
>find . -name "*.c"|xargs grep "\<OpenProcess\>"
>--> ./dlls/kernel/process.c
>find . -name "*.c"|xargs grep "\<NtOpenProcess\>"
>--> ./dlls/ntdll/process.c
>cd server
>find . -name "*.c"|xargs grep "\<open_process\>"
>--> process.c
>--> alloc_handle()
>find . -name "*.c"|xargs grep "\<alloc_handle\>"
>--> handle.c
>and verifying whether wineserver does *anything* to check restricted
>process permissions and then to implement such restrictions in the wineserver
>if it doesn't exist yet (probably alloc_handle() needs to be changed or so).

Without having any debug logs to go on, I would guess that the app is 
using NT ACLs on the process to remove the PROCESS_VM_WRITE access 
right. The framework is there in the wineserver to do access checks, but 
it isn't implemented for any objects yet.

Rob Shearman

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