Missing fonts

Kai Blin blin at gmx.net
Mon Apr 10 07:52:09 CDT 2006

* Mike McCormack <mike at codeweavers.com> [10/04/06, 21:23:21]:
> >maybe the configure script should check the fontforge version, to be at
> >least from 2006.
> >My fontforge: "Executable based on sources from 20:17 6-Apr-2006-ML.".
> >Checking for "Executable based on sources from (.+) (.+)-(.+)-2006" in
> >`fontforge --version` should be enough.
> The configure tests should test the capability of FontForge to build 
> fonts as Wine requires them, not for a specific version.
I agree here. Unlike Gentoo users, I don't get regular package version
updates in my distribution, so I still have a fontforge 20050803, which
seems to work just fine. This would fail the configure check proposed in
an earlier mail. Unless someone really wants to test at exactly which
day fontforge started doing the things wine needs, the configure check
has to check for capabilities. This has the upside of being extensible
should our requirements change.


Kai Blin, (blin at gmx dot net)
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