Wine tarball patched with DDraw/DX7 over WineD3D patches

Duane Clark dclark at
Mon Apr 10 10:41:48 CDT 2006

Alexander N. Sørnes wrote:
> I have made a tarball with Wine CVS patched with the
> DirectDraw/DirectX...

Your emails are not showing up on the list for awhile because you are 
not subscribed to wine-devel, at least not as 
In that case, the email has to await moderation, and I at least am not 
checking them at 3AM my time ;)

If you don't want postings sent to you (it looks like you might be 
reading the list via Google?) then go ahead and subscribe anyway. Once 
you are subscribed, you will have a personal preferences settings (it 
should be described in the welcome message). Turn off email delivery. 
Now your postings should show up on the list quickly.

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