exdisp.idl: Added missing attributes.

Robert Shearman rob at codeweavers.com
Mon Apr 10 12:49:09 CDT 2006

Jacek Caban wrote:

>+    [id(0x60020004), hidden, helpstring("Register a pending open with the list")]
>+    HRESULT RegisterPending(
>+            [in] long lThreadId,
>+            [in] VARIANT *pvarloc,
>+            [in] VARIANT *pvarlocRoot,
>+            [in] int swClass,
>+            [out] long *plCookie);
>+    [id(0x60020005), hidden, helpstring("Remove a window from the list")]
>+    HRESULT Revoke([in] long lCookie);
>+    [id(0x60020006), hidden, helpstring("Notifies the new location")]
>+    HRESULT OnNavigate([in] long lCookie, [in] VARIANT *pvarLoc);
>+    [id(0x60020007), hidden, helpstring("Notifies the activation")]
>+    HRESULT OnActivated([in] long lCookie, [in] VARIANT_BOOL fActive);
>+    [id(0x60020008), hidden, helpstring("Find the window based on the location")]
>+    HRESULT FindWindowSW(
>+            [in] VARIANT *pvarLoc,
>+            [in] VARIANT *pvarLocRoot,
>+            [in] int swClass,
>+            [out] long *phwnd,
>+            [in] int swfwOptions,
>+            [out, retval] IDispatch **ppdispOut);
>+    [id(0x60020009), hidden, helpstring("Notifies on creation and frame name set")]
>+    HRESULT OnCreated([in] long lCookie, [in] IUnknown *punk);
>+    [id(0x6002000a), hidden, helpstring("Used by IExplore to register different processes")]
>+    HRESULT ProcessAttachDetach([in] VARIANT_BOOL fAttach);
> }

Are these helpstrings an exact copy of what is in native? If so, I don't 
think we want them in Wine (and they are only useful to VB programmers 

Also, IDs with the 0x60000000 flag are ones generated by the IDL 
compiler, hence they don't need to be added in the IDL.

Rob Shearman

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