0.33 released! (final version)

Christian Lachner gladiac.lists at
Tue Apr 11 12:47:56 CDT 2006

In this Release I changed all the stuff i was annoyed of. Here the changes:

0.33	We are now also able to load a config-file...
	- Optional Config-File Support! The Internal Config-Area still exists.
	  I created an example-config and a colorless one for all who don't
	  want a colorful output
	- Better handling of multiple process protection for the script
	- Better Checks for set variables

I don't plan to develop for any longer. It is now
feature-complete and ate enough of time. It was nice to learn, what
scripting is able to do. I hope that is useful to the
community - yes, i use it quite often. If there are serious problems,
I will fix them. So why isn't this release called 1.0? I don't have
the time to test. The Users should report bugs and someone should fix

I also saw, that my script is not used by much people so maybe there
wont be a single bug found in the future. Whatsoever, thanks for
taking the time reading this and have much fun with the script. (wow,
22K. it was never meant to grow that much)

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