Wine fonts too big for their input fields.

Duane Clark dclark at
Tue Apr 11 18:53:20 CDT 2006

Tony Lambregts wrote:
> We now have at least three bugs[1] where the program will not accept the 
> all the characters that are required if we do not use native fonts. The 
> latest bug report was reported just today and the reporter resolved the 
> bug as FIXED when he used Native fonts.
> So I have a couple of questions.
> Should we consider using native fonts a "FIX" or is it just a 
> workaround? Or in other words can we fix our built in fonts to fix this.

I also have an installer (for Xilinx) that exhibits this problem. I 
created a small application that creates a single line edit control 
(which is what the Xilinx installer uses). I notice that on Win2k the 
EM_GETMARGINS message returns zero for left and right messages, but on 
Wine it returns 2 for both margins.

 From a trace, the margins are getting set to 2 in EDIT_WM_SetFont(), 
with the call:
Commenting out that single line makes the Xilinx installer work fine. 
Not that it is the correct fix ;)

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