Wine fonts too big for their input fields.

Huw Davies h.davies1 at
Wed Apr 12 12:46:43 CDT 2006

On Wed, Apr 12, 2006 at 10:14:58AM -0700, Duane Clark wrote:
> Huw D M Davies wrote:
> >
> >MS Shell Dlg maps to either Microsoft Sans Serif or Tahoma depending
> >on Windows version; the default wine.inf maps it to Tahoma so you
> >should check whether you have tahoma.ttf installed.  If in doubt a
> >+font log will tell you what Wine picks for this font.
> In Win2k, it is picking "MS Sans Serif", but in Wine configured for 
> "Windows 2000" it is picking Tahoma. And indeed, using my small test 
> app, in Win2k with the Tahoma font, I can no longer type 4 numbers in 
> the field, and the margins are both set to '3'.
> On the other hand, in both Win2k and WinXP, "MS Shell Dlg" seems to be 
> mapping to "MS Sans Serif". So is having Tahoma the default really the 
> right thing to do?

I assume you mean Microsoft Sans Serif not MS Sans Serif.  The former
is a TrueType font (micross.ttf) the latter is a bitmap font

Indeed it does look like[1] we should be using Microsoft Sans Serif
for MS Shell Dlg at least for non-CJK locales.


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