Wine fonts too big for their input fields.

Duane Clark dclark at
Thu Apr 13 13:25:49 CDT 2006

Brian Vincent wrote:
> On 4/12/06, *Duane Clark* <dclark at 
> <mailto:dclark at>> wrote:
>     I made the attached changes to the edit test. The results when run on
>     Win2k are a bit strange (note that I only looked for the min in the
>     first 1024 glyphs):
>     edit.c:807:Font Microsoft Sans Serif first char=32, last=65532
>     edit.c:817:MinA=0, minC=0
>     edit.c:824:Left=0, right=0
> Question: is there ever a situation where Left=0 and Right=0 is ok?  If 
> not, just bump it by 1.
> That's probably not the right solution, but this just seems like a 
> corner case.

Actually, those are the results on real Windows 2000. So they are 
(presumably) the correct values. Wine puts in margins, which it 
shouldn't in this case.

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