[Fwd: Possible scanner bug]

Mike Hearn mike at plan99.net
Fri Apr 14 06:26:05 CDT 2006

[CCd wine-devel]

Awesome, thanks Matthew. Full credit to James Hawkins who figured out 
what was tripped up the scanner anyway, I just forwarded the info on.

So there we go guys! We are down 220 bugs overnight :)

Matthew Hayward wrote:
> Hello Mike,
>    Thanks for pointing out the WideCharToMultiByte function.   I 
> have provided back end configuration indicating it is not an error to 
> send in parameter #4 as negative, and that eliminated around 220 
> reports.  We try to have a low false positive rate, but sometimes when 
> we misunderstand an interface like that we will see a bug report at each 
> invocation of the interface, fortunately most of the time, as in this 
> case, we can configure around it easily.
>    Thanks again for pointing this out to us!

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