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Fri Apr 14 09:34:39 CDT 2006

I'm looking at what is done in Winetools (no, this is not another WineTools 
discussion ;-) ) as far as the DllOverrides and it has generated a few 
questions.  Here are a couple of lines from the wt-config.reg file:

"*"="native, builtin"
"msi"="native, builtin"
"odbc32"="native, builtin"

Can somebody explain the lines with an *?  Does the "*" mean that if the 
driver, dll, exe in question is not listed in the DllOverrides section, that 
it defaults to using the native version of the file and, if not available, 
then tries to find and run a builtin version?

In the case of the "*autorun.exe", does it literally me that any .exe file 
with a name ending in autorun would use a native version first, like a normal 
wildcard would be used?  That wouldn't make sense to me because there is no 
file that matches that description in my .wine directory,.  In fact, the only 
copy of autorun that I can find on my system is the autorun.exe.so from 

I would appreciate all the enlightenment I can get on this subject.


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