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Fri Apr 14 12:24:18 CDT 2006

On Friday 14 April 2006 10:50, Mike McCormack wrote:
> Rich Gilson wrote:
> > I'm looking at what is done in Winetools (no, this is not another
> > WineTools discussion ;-) ) as far as the DllOverrides and it has
> > generated a few questions.  Here are a couple of lines from the
> > wt-config.reg file:
> >
> > "*"="native, builtin"
> > "*autorun.exe"="native,builtin"
> > "msi"="native, builtin"
> > "odbc32"="native, builtin"
> >
> > Can somebody explain the lines with an *?  Does the "*" mean that if the
> > driver, dll, exe in question is not listed in the DllOverrides section,
> > that it defaults to using the native version of the file and, if not
> > available, then tries to find and run a builtin version?
> "*" no longer does anything, and should be removed from registries.
> It's original intent was to force using native dlls over builtin dlls
> whenever found.  It encouraged people to copy all the dlls from a
> windows install into their .wine, and was therefore removed.
> I will have to assume that "*autorun.exe"="native, builtin" was blindly
> copied from CrossOver, as there's no autorun.exe in Wine.
> Mike

But, if the file with the * in front of it exists, what would be Wine's 
behavior towards it.  What I mean is, what does the * in the file name mean 
to Wine?  Is it just a standard wildcard to match many files to one entry?

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