Dmitry Timoshkov : winspool: Add a test for GetPrinterDriver, make it pass under Wine.

Detlef Riekenberg at
Fri Apr 14 17:42:01 CDT 2006

Am Freitag, den 14.04.2006, 12:46 -0500 schrieb Alexandre Julliard:

> Author: Dmitry Timoshkov <dmitry at>
> Date:   Fri Apr 14 22:34:57 2006 +0900
> winspool: Add a test for GetPrinterDriver, make it pass under Wine.

Thanks for working on winspool.drv, but i'm Sorry that I had not 
enough Time to look at the Patch before the commit.

- Version 0x0400 was correct for win9x-Drivers (4.00).
  Version 3 is for Usermode-Drivers on w2k and above.
  (Version 2 is Kernelmode-Driver for NT4.0 and w2k)
  (Version 1 is NT3.5x and Version 0 is NT 3.1)
  Our Registry-Location is for win9x only (OpenDriverReg)

- One Terminating Zero is is not enough for REG_MULTI_SZ

- Why was (PDRIVER_INFO_3W) changed to (PDRIVER_INFO_2W)?
  (PDRIVER_INFO_3W) is an extended Version of (PDRIVER_INFO_2W)

- Not all Levels are supported on all Windows-Versions

- The tests are not alphabetical sorted after this commit

- Why was SetLastError(0xdeadbeef) used, when there is
  SetLastError(MAGIC_DEAD) in the other tests

- 11 Tests are now failing on win95, 11 Tests on win98,
  9 Tests on winme and 8 Tests on NT3.51.
  For NT4.0 (level 4, 5 and 6 as well as the Version-Test will fail)
  and w2k (version will fail, when an NT4.0-Driver is used), i can not
  test the exact number of failures atm.

What's the preferred way to fix this?
My Idea:
1. Move the Test without any Changes
2. Fix the Tests
3. Fix the Implementation

I know, that you want a fast fix for your commercial Application and
winspool.drv is very ugly. I'm on the way to fix winspool.drv, but my
Direction is going from the Bottom-Layer to the High-Level API.

"struct printerenv_t" was created (as requested by Alexandre) to handle
the the different Printing-Environments for win9x-Drivers (Windows 4.0)
and NT-Drivers (Windows NT x86).
My fix for OpenDriverReg already need an Extension here, but
DeleteMonitor comes first.

You can Read more Infos here:

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      ... Detlef

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