Wine Front-End development

Mike Hearn mike at
Sat Apr 15 07:47:34 CDT 2006

On Sat, 15 Apr 2006 03:02:22 -0400, Rich Gilson wrote:
> If somebody were writing a Wine GUI front-end for uses with the hope that it 
> might possibly make it into the Wine distribution one day, what language(s) 
> and toolkit(s) would be acceptable to the Wine developers for that person to 
> use?

When winecfg was originally proposed I wanted to do it in GTK, and whinged
loudly when Alexandre said it had to be done using Win32 to keep
dependencies small. I guess his reasoning hasn't changed, so, for GUIs
you'd have to do it using Win32 and C :(

Of course if you aren't bothered about it becoming official you can do it
however you like ...

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