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Brian Vincent wrote:

> On 4/16/06, *Rich Gilson* <signman359 at 
> <mailto:signman359 at>> wrote:
>     I must say, the turn this conversation has taken is
>     interesting.  In response
>     to what was written above, it does seem to me a curious precedent
>     Alexandre
>     has set.  After all, wasn't Wine developed to allow people to get
>     AWAY from
>     Windows?  Yet, when we go to make a GUI toolkit to make it
>     accessible to the
>     masses, what are we told?  Why, write it for Windows, of course.
> 1.  You never mentioned what you want this "front-end" to do.  I think 
> that's pretty important to whatever you're talking about.  Seems to me 
> it might fit in with winecfg or something else that already exists.
> 2.  Did you read the thread(s) about rewriting WineTools that occurred 
> over the past few months?  Are you reinventing that wheel?
> 3.  Putting a GUI toolkit dependency on Wine will never make everyone 
> happy.  Even worse, you can't even make a majority of people happy.  
> If you assume GNOME or KDE are available, you're assuming you're 
> running on Linux. 
> -Brian
Why not use Motif/Lesstif? Sure, it's ugly, but I like it, it's 
available with most major distributions, exists on non-Linux targets, 
and a precompiled binary of OpenMotif is provided with Sun Java 1.5/Linux

Then there's the question "OpenMotif or Lesstif, hmm...", which is 
answered by ./configure, and I say defult to Lesstif on Linux binaries, 
Motif on solaris.

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