[Fwd: Possible scanner bug]

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at codeweavers.com
Mon Apr 17 23:01:42 CDT 2006

"Matthew Hayward" <mhayward at coverity.com> wrote:

>> The same kind of error is reported for mlang.dll, but the situation is 
>> worse
>> there since the length parameter is unsigned but still accepts -1 as a 
>> magic
>> length indicator.
>    Can you give me the file this function is defined in, and an example 
> FP?  Then I can see about configuring it away.

The APIs are defined in dlls/mlang/mlang.c and used by the test application
in wine/dlls/mlang/tests/mlang.c. Looking at the today's Coverity reports
it appears that Coverity no more reports that kind of a defect. I'm not
sure if that's a result of a WideCharToMultiByte fix.

Looking at the wine/dlls/mlang/tests/mlang.c reports I see another possible
misunderstanding: IMultiLanguage2_ConvertStringFromUnicode takes a length
of the target buffer in the last parameter and returns a resulting string
length in the same variable. The scanner appears to not undrestand it.

149       ok(lenW == 0, "expected lenW 0, got %u\n", lenW);
151       memset(bufA, 'x', sizeof(bufA));
152       lenW = -1;

Event assignment: Assigning "256" to "lenA" 
Also see events: [overrun-local]

153       lenA = sizeof(bufA);
154       TRACE_2("Call IMultiLanguage2_ConvertStringFromUnicode\n");
155       ret = IMultiLanguage2_ConvertStringFromUnicode(iML2, NULL, 1252, stringW, &lenW, bufA, &lenA);

At conditional (15): "(winetest_set_location), (0 != 0)" taking false path 
At conditional (16): "ret == 0" taking true path 

156       ok(ret == S_OK, "IMultiLanguage2_ConvertStringFromUnicode failed: %08lx\n", ret);

At conditional (17): "(winetest_set_location), (0 != 0)" taking false path 
At conditional (18): "lenA == lstrlenA" taking true path 

157       ok(lenA == lstrlenA(stringA), "expected lenA %u, got %u\n", lstrlenA(stringA), lenA);

At conditional (19): "(winetest_set_location), (0 != 0)" taking false path 
At conditional (20): "lenW == lstrlenW" taking true path 

158       ok(lenW == lstrlenW(stringW), "expected lenW %u, got %u\n", lstrlenW(stringW), lenW);

Event overrun-local: Overrun of static array "bufA" of size 256 at position 256 with index variable "lenA" 
Also see events: [assignment] 
At conditional (21): "(winetest_set_location), (0 != 0)" taking false path 

159       ok(bufA[lenA] != 0, "buf should not be 0 terminated\n");
160       bufA[lenA] = 0; /* -1 doesn't include 0 terminator */
161       ok(!lstrcmpA(bufA, stringA), "bufA/stringA mismatch\n");


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