Fontforge Dependency (was: Wine Front-End development)

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Tue Apr 18 08:48:38 CDT 2006

"Kuba Ober" <kuba at> wrote:

>> > That's lunacy! Just ship the damn prebuilt files until the time is ripe
>> > to take them out. Of course the sources should be kept there all the time
>> > as well.
>> So if a version of gcc got released that didn't produce correct
>> libraries then we should add all of the .so files to the Wine tree? What
>> a good idea!
> I think you carried the analogy a bit too far: fontforge is a relatively 
> obscure tool, compared to gcc.
>> Of course, the fix is to try to add a configure check for the incorrect
>> ttf files that fontforge produces, or otherwise a version check, as has
>> already been discussed.
> Well, if someone wants to do more work for the sake of argument, then I guess 
> we live in a free world. But still, the fonts are such a fringe part of wine 
> that I just can't see any extra work to be worth it. For a while one can just 
> consider fontforge to be a "proprietary" tool, and wine would just ship the 
> sources and resulting fonts. It's just a matter of being practical.

Looks like you are not aware how much pain gcc bugs (like a strength-reduce bug)
have caused to Wine. That just again suggests to people to use pre-built Wine
packages from a good packager who knows what he does, or just go to wine-users.


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