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Tue Apr 18 11:27:47 CDT 2006

Willie Sippel wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 18. April 2006 11:56 schrieb Christian Gmeiner:
>> What is ASIO?
>> ASIO is a driver interface for pro-audio apps developed by Steinberg. It's
>> somewhat similar to our beloved Jack sound server, but not as advanced.
>> I thought about implementing ASIO for wine so we are one step neaer to a
>> running Cubase. I have also some advanced audio hardware - hercules 16/12
>> fw (need to check if there are some dirvers).
>> At the moment I am a student of Computer Sciences in the 4 term and have
>> done programming with c, c++ and java.
>> Bugs, which get fixed:
>> http://bugs.winehq.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2161
>> What do you think about this idea?
>> Thanks,
>> Christian
> I like the idea - obviously, I reported the bug... ;-) 
> Some more infos about ASIO: ASIO is a low-latency audio protocol. ASIO is not 
> part of Windows, and was not developed by Microsoft, but by Steinberg Media 
> Technologies. It comes with most soundcard drivers, though, and is a de-facto 
> standard for pro-audio applications. Most (all?) pro-audio applications at 
> least support ASIO, and many applications _only_ support ASIO these days (no 
> DSound/ MME/ whatever at all). Those applications won't ever work on Wine 
> without ASIO.
> There are some problems, though. The ASIO SDK license is quite free, you can 
> basically do what you want with it AFAIU, but you may not redistribute parts 
> of the SDK. Steinberg intended to BSD-license all their SDKs a while ago, but 
> that idea was canned after Yamaha bought Steinberg. Everyone may download it 
> from the Steinberg website, though, and the binaries may be redistributed. So 
> prebuilt Wine packages may come with ASIO support enabled. If anyone wants to 
> build Wine from source and needs ASIO support, they need to get the SDK from 
> Steinberg.
> http://www.steinberg.de/329+M54a708de802.html
> ASIO description on Wikipedia:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_stream_input_output
While I like the idea, I don't necessarily agree with adding yet another 
dependency (even optional), as that would require another doc mod and of 
course support for anyone wanting to use a pro-audio app.  It would be 
nice if we could convince Yamaha to let us use the code from Steinberg, 
but that is doubtful..  Our best bet is to figure out some way to do 
what ASIO does without actually looking at the SDK or sources....  
Anyone else have an opinion?


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