Michael Ost most at
Tue Apr 18 14:12:33 CDT 2006

I would like my Winelib application to do a normal shutdown from a
signal, that is save files and exit normally. 

>From scanning the web SIGTERM seems like the natural choice. It looks
like it is _supposed_ to be used for a normal exit. But Wine seems to
reserve SIGTERM for a summary execution with pthread_abort.

It looks like I could use SIGQUIT, since Wine doesn't seem to care about
it. But, again from scanning the web, SIGQUIT is _supposed_ to be used
for non-normal exits.

So, is it best to use SIGQUIT in a non-canonical way or try to change
how SIGTERM is handled by Wine and make it more canonical? Or maybe my
reading of the "canon of signals" is incorrect?

Thanks for any help...  mo

PS: recently someone was asking a question about winelib and was
directed to wine-user. What's the protocol here? Where should winelib
questions be asked? The wine-user looks too user level and wine-devel is
for Wine coders. I'd appreciate any help with the protocol of all

Michael Ost, Software Architect
Muse Research, Inc.
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