AutoCAD in Linux

Karl Lattimer karl at
Tue Apr 18 15:18:58 CDT 2006

> > Installing a crack is both easy and legal.  I haven't checked if there
> > are any for AutoCAD, though.
> That depends on where you are and the local laws.

Actually the local laws are irrelevant, it is wholly dependent on
whether or not it is prohibited by the license agreement. You'll find
some applications strictly prohibit the use of cracks, whereas others
will not mention anything about them. if you look at the license on most
games for instance it categorically states that circumventing the copy
protection system is illegal and may be treated under copy protection
laws, whereas some applications don't mention anything about applying
what should really be termed as "unsanctioned binary patches" rather
than simply cracks. 

The distinction lies in whether or not you are a licensed user, and
whether or not you are cracking a file to purely circumvent security
systems which are in place to ensure you are a license holder, in order
to use the software unlicensed or distribute the application. For games
which use CD verification (securom and safedisc) to ensure the disc is
with the user it is assumed you are unlicensed (until you prove
otherwise) if you have a patched program executable. 

In most instances if not all, software companies will ignore the fact
you are using an unsanctioned binary patch in order to run their
application, as long as you are in fact a valid license holder. However
games may disable the valid license key for online gaming if you have a
game binary which doesn't match one of their sanctioned check sums. 

In some rare instances you'll find that the license becomes invalid
after applying patches. In which case you are actually an unlicensed
user with a cracked application so even having the disc doesn't matter
as you're running an unlicensed copy of the software.

The simple fact is that the only real _law_ which can be infringed upon
by using a patch is copy protection, and if you are a license holder and
haven't produced illegal copies for distribution and it isn't prohibited
in the license agreement then you're OK for the most part.

Hope this helps,

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