AutoCAD in Linux

Tom Spear (Dustin Booker, Dustin Navea) speeddymon at
Tue Apr 18 18:06:13 CDT 2006

Alexander N. Sørnes wrote:
> Uwe Bonnes skrev:
>>>>>>> "Richardson" == Richardson  <desdu at> writes:
>>    Richardson> Hello!
>>    Richardson> My name is Richardson and I am from Brazil and I am 
>> needing
>>    Richardson> to know how I can install the AutoCAD r14 and AutoCAD 
>> 2000
>>    Richardson> in a machine turning Fedora 3. he/she would Like to know
>>    Richardson> which the versions of Wine and the links to lower, and 
>> also
>>    Richardson> as I will proceed with the installation of CAD's.  I 
>> await
>>    Richardson> answers soon.
>> Autocad is copy protexted software. There are no easy and legal ways 
>> to run
>> those software in wine  
> Installing a crack is both easy and legal.  I haven't checked if there
> are any for AutoCAD, though.
Cracks are not legal (at least not under US law and the DMCA), and under 
linux they can sometimes be not easy either..  Part of the DMCA says you 
cannot circumvent any sort of copy protection (which a crack does).

If the laws in your country are different, feel free to do whatever is 
allowed under those laws.

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