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Andreas Mohr andi at
Wed Apr 19 03:44:53 CDT 2006


On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 08:35:41AM +0000, Louis Lenders wrote:
> When you hang around just a while on wine's IRC channel you'll see that(i'd
> guess) more than 50% of the user's questions is about how to get their games
> running. I think it would be cool if there would be some proposals for SOC
> project to get better DirectX(/wined3d) support. From the wine-users point of
> view i think that's  
> what they want :) I'm sure some of the developers that currently work on wined3d
> can think of proposals that students could work on. At least , wouldn't be
> fixing bug 2398 be an idea for SOC?

Yes please! Gaming is one of the major deterrents of wider Linux desktop use,
so any positive development in this area is very nice.

Andreas Mohr

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