SOC: Integrate DIB Engine

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Wed Apr 19 04:19:40 CDT 2006

Mike McCormack wrote:
> Troy Rollo wrote:
>> Yes. See <> for more information on this.
>> This is probably feasible as a SOC project *if* you are familiar with 
>> all of the integer-only algorithms for drawing graphics primitives or 
>> have a good text book handy that has all the algorithms in it.
> Alexandre has very specific ideas about how he wants a DIB Engine done.
Good! We already have the mentor for this task then ;)

> Integrating a DIB engine into your own tree may not be too difficult. 
> The hard part is integrating it into the Wine tree in small pieces 
> without breaking everything else and keeping Alexandre happy as you go.

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