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Kai Blin blin at
Wed Apr 19 04:41:05 CDT 2006

* Michael Stefaniuc <mstefani at> [19/04/06, 11:17:10]:

> >Judging from the lack of feedback as compared to the other proposals, I
> >guess you don't like it. I'll go look for something else then.
> I do not think it's a matter of liking it or not but that's a part of 
> Wine that probably only you and Juan Lang are familiar with. From the 
> perspective of the $HOME user it isn't usefull for them but what about 
> the business Wine users? That question can be probably answered by the 
> Codeweaver guys and Dan Kegel.
Judging from what Jeremy White said, it's needed to fully support
Outlook 2003 talking to an Exchange server.

I think the interesting part about this is that getting Wine to use
GENSEC will be a step to making more linux based apps zero in on that
library when they need to do windows auth things. I think this is
preferable to every developer reinventing the wheel every time.

But I guess you are right, this doesn't really concern the end user,
whereas "Can I run my game" does, pretty much.


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