gdi: [2 of 3] Add header for GetCharABCWidthI

Mike McCormack mike at
Wed Apr 19 04:31:33 CDT 2006

Jeff L wrote:

> I have repackaged this as package.

Please don't split patches that depend on each other to make Wine 
compile and work correctly, or add dead code.

The point of having small patches is to make Wine easier to regression 
test, so we want things to work between every commit.

> +//    FIXME("%p, %d, %d, %p\n", font, firstChar, count, buffer);

Either remove the FIXME completely, or make it a TRACE.  Also, C++ 
comments are not portable in C, so use standard C comments.

> +        }
> +    else
> +        for(c = 0; c < count; c++) {

How about using indenting consistent with the rest of the code in the file?



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