gdi: [2 of 3] Add header for GetCharABCWidthI

Jeff Latimer jeffl at
Wed Apr 19 05:26:19 CDT 2006

Mike McCormack wrote:

> Jeff L wrote:
>> I have repackaged this as package.
> Please don't split patches that depend on each other to make Wine 
> compile and work correctly, or add dead code.
> The point of having small patches is to make Wine easier to regression 
> test, so we want things to work between every commit.
Mike, take the point that everyone has pointed out about dead code and 
c99.  An accident of enthusiasm of Easter.  I thought that numbering 
patches allowed for dependencies.  I took the point from a recent 
comment and took a punt.  As far as I can tell, patch 2 does not depend 
on 1 or 3 but 3 depends on 1 and 2.  If I put them together, past 
experience says that I would have difficulty in getting them through.  
If I submit them one at a time it would take days to get them through 


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