Forming a SOC review committee

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Apr 19 08:37:19 CDT 2006

Hi Folks,

Last year, Dan Kegel, myself, Alexandre, Dimi Paun, and Lionel Ulmer
served on the review committee for the SOC proposals.

Our work was to sort the incoming applications, rank them, and then
assign mentors to those that were funded.  We probably
should have done a better job of staying with and reporting on
the status of the projects, but perhaps that can be something we
try to do better this year.

I think we should form a similar committee again this year.

Dan Kegel is on it automatically, because he's 'connected'.
Alexandre is on it automatically, because, well, he's Alexandre.

Beyond that, I think it would be useful to have a relatively small
committee (5 worked well, I think, although 7 is probably doable).

I think the ideal is folks that have solid experience with Wine,
and I think we need to have decent coverage of all of Wine.
For example, I ended up dragooning Lionel (sorry, Lionel :-/)
last year, because I felt we needed expertise on judging
DirectX related proposals.

If you're foolish enough to serve on the committee,
please email me privately.  I'll collate the data.  If we end up with
too many volunteers (a problem we didn't have last year), I'm not sure
what we'll do.  My gut instinct is to rely on Alexandre's judgement
in culling the list.

So the purpose of this thread is twofold:
  1)  To discuss this process, and make sure that
      everyone thinks its reasonable and that I didn't miss anything.

  2)  To ask folks that are willing to serve to volunteer.



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