gdi: [2 of 3] Add header for GetCharABCWidthI

Mike Hearn mike at
Wed Apr 19 09:28:39 CDT 2006

On Wed, 19 Apr 2006 20:26:19 +1000, Jeff Latimer wrote:
> If I put them together, past 
> experience says that I would have difficulty in getting them through.  
> If I submit them one at a time it would take days to get them through 
> iteratively.

I wouldn't worry too much, Alexandre is the final judge of all these
things. The rule of thumb I use is actually *not* to break things up as
small as they could possibly go, but rather to separate things into
components that are logically related and can be applied without breaking
Wine or causing any regressions. So for instance I wouldn't bother
separating header changes from the "meat" of the changes. But everybody
has their own approach and style - I have no doubt you'll settle on yours
soon! :)

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