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Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Apr 19 08:24:33 CDT 2006

Kai Blin wrote:
> * Kai Blin <blin at> [17/04/06, 20:44:30]:
>>Now what I wanted to as was the following. I've recently started to look
>>into the GENSEC library samba4 has to implement SSPI authentication and
>>signing/sealing, as the latter is impossible to do with ntlm_auth. Now,
>>would you consider this to be too cheesy to do as a project for summer
>>of code? If yes, I would of course try to think of something else I can
>>do, but I'd really like to see SSPI doing all that's possible on win32
>>one day. And I think GENSEC is the way to go.
> Judging from the lack of feedback as compared to the other proposals, I
> guess you don't like it. I'll go look for something else then.

Whoa nelly.  I would not say that at all.  Just because it didn't
get anyone skimming the list excited, you shouldn't get discouraged.
Some of the more important changes in Wine were awfully unsexy,

In fact, that reminds me that I should probably instigate something
a bit more official looking. /me starts new thread.



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