Using msvcmon to debug

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Thu Apr 20 03:05:47 CDT 2006

>>>>> "Ryan" == Ryan Miller <rmiller at> writes:

    Ryan> Hi, I've been using msvcmon previously to remote debug application
    Ryan> in Visual Studio on Wine.  It's great to have an IDE to debug Wine
    Ryan> with the breakpoints and watch windows and all.  I'm now using
    Ryan> Crossover Office Pro 5.0.1-1rc2 and msvcmon is no longer working.
    Ryan> I'm getting the log message (which is new):
    Ryan> epoll_ctl: Operation not permitted
What distribution are you using? What wine version is involved?

The "epoll_ctl: Operation not permitted" problem appeared now and then, but
mostly only Suse Distribution was involved. If I remember right, the
dll/kernel/test directory provoked such an error for me, but does not now,
with a nearly up-to-date CVS wine on Suse 10.0

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