x11drv: question about byte-swapping for DIBs

Eric Frias efrias at syncad.com
Thu Apr 20 07:46:07 CDT 2006

Phil Krylov wrote:

>>Messed colors and vertical stripes? Similar to 
>>http://www.froq.net/mirage/mirage1.png ?
>No, I get rather like this:
The StarLing image may be similar, but I think you're both looking at 
different bugs than I am... Here's the bitmap I see:
a closeup of one of the hands in the image to show the stripes:
here's the bitmap file I'm using:

I've just been testing it by replacing replacing 
programs/winecfg/idb_wine.bmp with Sample.bmp, the image will be 
displayed on the 'About' tab.


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