undefined reference to `GetCharABCWidthsI'

Gerald Pfeifer gerald at pfeifer.com
Thu Apr 20 17:45:04 CDT 2006

After the following change to dlls/gdi/font.c

  revision 1.32
  date: 2006-04-19 18:16:36 +0000;  author: julliard;  state: Exp;  lines: +49 -0
  Jeff Latimer <lats at yless4u.com.au>
  gdi: Added implementation of GetCharABCWidthsI.

I now get the following build error on FreeBSD 5.4:

  ../../tools/winegcc/winegcc -B../../tools/winebuild -shared ./gdi32.spec 
  dispdib.spec.o gdi.exe.spec.o wing.spec.o bidi16.o dispdib.o env.o gdi16.o 
  metafile16.o wing.o  bidi.o bitblt.o bitmap.o brush.o clipping.o dc.o 
  dib.o driver.o enhmetafile.o enhmfdrv/bitblt.o enhmfdrv/dc.o 
  enhmfdrv/graphics.o enhmfdrv/init.o enhmfdrv/mapping.o enhmfdrv/objects.o 
  font.o freetype.o gdi_main.o gdiobj.o icm.o mapping.o metafile.o 
  mfdrv/bitblt.o mfdrv/dc.o mfdrv/graphics.o mfdrv/init.o mfdrv/mapping.o 
  mfdrv/objects.o mfdrv/text.o painting.o palette.o path.o pen.o printdrv.o 
  region.o  version.res   -Wl,--rpath,\$ORIGIN/`../../tools/relpath 
  /tmp/WINE/lib/wine /tmp/WINE/lib` -o gdi32.dll.so -L../../dlls -ladvapi32 
  -lkernel32 -lntdll  -L../../libs -lwine -L../../libs/unicode 
  -lwine_unicode  -L../../libs/port -lwine_port
  font.o(.text+0x3f28): In function `GetCharABCWidthsI':
  /sw/test/wine/dlls/gdi/font.c:2390: undefined reference to `WineEngGetCharABCWidthsI'
  winegcc: /usr/bin/gcc failed.

SUSE Linux 10.1 works fine.  WOuld you mind having a look?


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