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Thu Apr 20 21:38:18 CDT 2006

No idea how complicated it is, but wouldn't a fix for bug #2398 ("OpenGL is 
only used only on top level windows so child windows get overdrawn") also 
make a nice SOC-project? 

Am Donnerstag, 20. April 2006 21:39 schrieb Detlef Riekenberg:
> Hi
> Some more Ideas for SOC:
> Printer-Dialogs:
>    PrintDlgEx* is the Default Printing-Dialog since w2k, but we have
>    only a stub. Some Apps fail to Print for that reason.
>    A usable Implementation need to Support the Properties from the
>    Application (Example from IE: Print actual Frame / Print Links only)
>    and the Properties from the Printer-Driver (provided by wineps.drv
>    from the PPD-File).
> Fun-Project: Support Native Printer Drivers
>    The CUPS-Backend "ddiwrapper" (GPL) uses Ghostscript to render
>    BMP-Images on Linux, forward them to an modified wine (winspool.drv
>    and gdi32.dll are replaced) that used a native driver (reported to
>    work with some Cannon-Printers) to print that BMP-Image to the
>    Printer (/dev/lp0 or /dev/usb/lp0).
>    A usable Implementation will enhance and gdi32.dll in
>    such a way, that "ddiwrapper" will work "out of the box"
> Fun-Project: Support Native Scanner Drivers
>    A usable Implementation will work with a modified twain_32.dll
>    (and kernel32.dll / ntdll.dll), but without a Kernel-Module
>    (Example: via libusb).

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