Re-proposal: web forums

Mike Hearn mike at
Sat Apr 22 08:39:24 CDT 2006

Many projects, including large ones such as Gentoo, provide web forums for
their users. The benefits are:

* Users can help each other

* Sometimes developers may read it and:
  * Be able to help users too
  * Learn what difficulties people are facing

* Many people seem to prefer the web interface to mailing

It has been brought up before and people weren't really keen, but I
thought I'd bring it up again as we get a lot of value out of the forums
in the autopackage project, and I can't seem to find the old 3rd party
Wine forums there used to be anymore.

So I'd like to propose:

Running phpBB or some similar type web forum software, with official links
and so on from WineHQ. Newman, what do you think, do we have server
capacity to do this? Do you have time to set it up?

Others, does anybody have any _serious_ objections (by which I mean other
than "I don't like web interfaces" ;)

thanks -mike

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