Re-proposal: web forums

n0dalus n0dalus+wine at
Sat Apr 22 10:24:49 CDT 2006

On 4/22/06, Paul <subsolar at> wrote:
> I don't like web interfaces!
> No seriously, I don't have the time to spend going out and monitoring a
> dozen forums.  I find mail lists much more convenient ... the
> information comes to me, I don't have to go to the information.

We could always make a web interface to the mailing list.
Some ideas:
- Threads get shown in usual bulletin board style
- Moderators can move threads from the main area to other sections.
Threads can be created by users directly in user-writable sections
- When users signup for an account it could be linked with a
username at or similar address
- When users post to a thread or create a thread, an email is sent
from their wine-managed email account to the list, and the post shows
up in the board
- When someone replies privately to a user without CC'ing the list,
the message is sent to their private inbox
- Users on the forum can send messages to other users in a similar fashion
- Reply notifications can be configured by the user to be sent to
their personal address
- Posts are all plain text, with optional attachments (some reasonable
limits apply)

Since a huge number of the features usually provided by forums are not
needed, this is probably an easier task than it might seem.


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