Re-proposal: web forums

Mike Hearn mike at
Sat Apr 22 11:10:40 CDT 2006

On Sat, 22 Apr 2006 08:57:48 -0500, Paul wrote:
> I don't like web interfaces!
> No seriously, I don't have the time to spend going out and monitoring a
> dozen forums.  I find mail lists much more convenient ... the
> information comes to me, I don't have to go to the information.

That's a variant on "I don't like web interfaces" ;)

I suspect (but don't know) that one reason web forums are a lot more
popular than foo-user mailing lists is that people _like_ not having their
inboxes flooded with messages. I always use GMane to post to mailing lists
these days, having so many mailing lists all filling up my mail box just
didn't work for me (even with lots of filters).

Anyway, there's no rule that says "people must look at them". Even if it
ends up being a completely different set of people using them to those
that use the mailing lists, it'd still be a useful piece of infrastructure
for those who like that kind of thing.

thanks -mike

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