DIB to OpenGL? was Re: SOC: Integrate DIB Engine

Jesse Allen the3dfxdude at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 22:30:48 CDT 2006


On 4/19/06, Stefan Dösinger <stefan at codeweavers.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> For DirectX games, such as Age of Empires 2, I propably have an OpenGL-ish
> solution for the problem. I haven't looked at it in detail, so no promises
> that it is possible at all, but this was my idea:
> Basically, DirectDraw apps do the following things with surfaces:
> *Locking
> *Blits
> *GetDC
> Basically there are two surface types: Render targets and offscreen surfaces.
> In the general case, locking is only done for offscreen surfaces, and
> basically during loading time, or when a surface has to be updated. In the
> current ddraw code, Blits are done in software, and they involve locking both
> surfaces. GetDC also holds a lock on the surface, which is essentially a dib
> section, and then doing the usual gdi stuff.
> With opengl, the situation is a bit changed: Locking the surface requires
> transfering the data from and to video memory with glTexSubImage,
> glDrawPixels and friends. This is quite slow for full surfaces, but it
> usually occurs at loading time only. If some apps are bad-behaved and do a
> full lock of the rendertarget, this has a big performance impact at the
> moment, but this can be optimized a lot. Blits can be handled in hardware
> with 3D drawing, so they should work nice and fast :-)
> The remaining problem is GetDC. At the moment this requires copying the
> complete surface from opengl to main memory, converting it to the servers bit
> depth, and copying it to a server-side pixmap. Here the new
> texture-from-pixmap glx extension can help. It should allow us to link the
> opengl texture directly to the pixmap gdi works on, without the need to copy
> it through wined3d. This extension is beeing designed for the new aiglx (and
> xgl?) stuff, so we can expect driver support soon, and the x server/opengl
> driver can optimize the image transfer nicely.
> Well, what problems occur: The extension is not finished yet, we have to wait
> for this first. It's also not clear to me if the image transfer is supported
> in both ways, from pixmap to texture and from texture to pixmap. Furthermore,
> the textures should be in the server's color depth. For palettized surfaces,
> the conversion can be done when the game loads the surfaces, which is at the
> game loading time, if it is well-behaved. WineD3D already does that, if the
> card doesn't support palettized gl textures(most modern cards do not support
> that)
> That's my basic idea, I haven't done any deeper investigation if that is
> possible at all, so I might be woken up from my daydreams now :-D

Maybe you aren't day-dreaming! Have you read this?



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