Debian unstable and APT repository was: Re: Re-proposal: web forums

Scott Ritchie scott at
Sun Apr 23 00:59:46 CDT 2006

On Sun, 2006-04-23 at 04:54 +0200, KGJ wrote:
> <OT at Scott>
> I'm using debian unstable. Can I use the new APT repository? I'm sorry
> to ask such a dumb question but I don't have any idea of Ubuntu and I
> currently see only Ubuntu packages there. Else it would be nice to
> have the debian packages there two ;)
> Also it couldn't hurt if could be
> updated to point users to the new repository or?
> </OT at Scott>
> Greetings KGJ

I setup the new repository so that it can, in theory, support multiple
distributions (eg: sarge, breezy, dapper, sid).  However, currently
there are only breezy packages in there, and I'm not exactly sure how to
program reprepro how to take different versions of the same package.

That said, the breezy packages might work on Debian unstable, or they
might not.  All I know is that they used to.

As for uploading the downloads page, that's something I've been meaning
to do all week, but I had a minor computer explosion divert my
attention.  I'll try and do it this weekend.

Scott Ritchie

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