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Francesco Pietra frapietra at
Sun Apr 23 00:16:17 CDT 2006

I do believe that the choice among e-mail/forum/faq for wine depends on the 
individual approach to wine.

For people, like me, who approach wine to solve their specific problems, and 
when solved they forget about wine until a new need arises, if ever (but i am 
aware my own are general problems in science) the faq solution is the best 

Just a couple of examples: 

1) I posted a query about the feasibility of running the chemical drawing 
package "chemdraw" on wine. Lack of a package on unix that allows exchanging 
files with chemdraw is today the hindrance to have molecular scientists fully 
to unix (linux). Not a minor gap in science because most chemdraw users do 
not know unix and thrive on restrictive OSs that limit their science and 
their minds.

2)I posted a query about the feasibility of running nikon film scanner through 
wine, just to have the nikon coolscan V (most unfortunately my own, as 
available in europe, is usb and not scsi). This is by far a minor problems 
with respect to the one above but it is anyway another example of query.

Well, I got no answer (except one privately from my country). What about 
access now to my queries? Practically no access, so that I have no hope to 
get further help about. It might be different with faq.

I agree however that a forum may be of interest to those who approach wine per 
se and have a standing supply of problems for wine.

I hope this is a contribution (although i am aware that having both faq and 
forum requires having people to maintain both them). If not, forget about my 

francesco pietra

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