GLSL - Compile time check for OpenGL 2.0?

Phil Costin philcostin at
Sun Apr 23 06:53:02 CDT 2006

H. Verbeet wrote:
> On 23/04/06, Phil Costin <philcostin at> wrote:
> > It seems we still need a HLSL to GLSL translator for SM 3.0 but
> > that is for future discussion :)
> Well, no, not directly. In Direct3D9 HLSL is compiled to the same kind
> of code as assembly shaders by the d3d9x library. The d3d9 dll never
> sees HLSL or assembly, just compiled shaders. Direct3D10 does contain
> a "D3D10CompileShader" function, but that's shader model 4.0.

> > I was curious as to whether it would be acceptable to provide a
> > check for OpenGL 2.0?
> No, and it's not required either. GLSL is an extension just like any
> other, and should be checked runtime, just like all the other
> extensions.

Thanks for the reply. I was assuming that it would be impossible to link
against methods that may not exist in the user's OpenGL implementation. I
still have a lot to brush up on!

Phil Costin

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