SOC Proposal - SafeDisc Support

Vijay Kiran Kamuju infyquest at
Sun Apr 23 09:10:21 CDT 2006


I would like to propose the SafeDisc Project for wine.

Main Objective:  Support for SafeDisc (basically ver 1 Support) Part 1
(Getting the basic IRP support)
Secondary Objective: Have wine specific ntoskrnl.exe that handles this
Requirements: Needs to have in depth knowledge of Win32 Internals as well as
wine server internals.
Difficulty: Moderate to High
Mentors: Vitaly Margolen(vitamin) and Alexander Julliard
To implement the SafeDisc Support
The progress and details can be found here
This basically needs the IRP framework for to be implemented for wine (the
difficult part).


I cannot currently implement this as i have a job to do and now i dont have
any free time.
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