Sum-up: Re-proposal: web forums

Tom Spear (Dustin Booker, Dustin Navea) speeddymon at
Sun Apr 23 11:57:07 CDT 2006

Segin wrote:
> Why aren't I offering suggestions? I did offer one. The rest are 
> beyond our control. To attempt to fix those would be as intelligent as 
> sticking your hand into a boiling pot of water.
> Let's look at that last one, the sticky thing. This usually means to 
> have a email highlighted in a way that it gets the attention of the 
> user. Now, think about it. There is nothing that we can do to address 
> this ourselves. If you say we can, you are an idiot. That is something 
> that must be configured in whatever email client the user is using.
> Now let's look at the email client config thing... Well, we could try 
> to fix headers of incoming email, but that's not really a solution. In 
> fact, there is no real solution that we can provide ourselves, and 
> besides, a properly configued email client (to produce proper headers 
> and such) is just proper netiuqitte. There is, again, nothing we can 
> do legally about this (well, we can find a way to break into the users 
> system and configure his email client for him, but were not here to 
> hold hands or commit crimes)
> Well, it's pretty obvious you didn't read my comments, think about 
> them, read the problems i commented against, and thought about those, 
> and finally thought all of it together. You are just out to troll, and 
> your reply is just flamebait. Your time would probably best be spent 
> on USENET, as there are plenty of trolls there.
> And before anyone says I am trolling, you're almost right, except that 
> I explained why the problems i mention as unfixable by us are just 
> that. Can we configure the users email client for him? No. Therefore 
> we can't fix those problems.
Segin... chill!  lol Flamebait aside, The fact of the matter is that 
while these things are beyond our control, some people just don't use 
email enough to configure a client, or be bothered with setting up a 
webmail account..  As for the mailbox filling up I think the complaint 
is not the mailbox running out of space, its that they dont want to have 
to delete several hundred (literally) messages when they come back from 
a weekend, or several thousand when they come back from holiday, and 
dont tell me to put them on vacation mode in the ml settings as that 
isnt convenient.  People want 1 or 2 clicks or as close to it as 
possible, or they wont use it. Unfortunately the mailing lists just dont 
give them that.


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