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Kai Blin blin at
Sun Apr 23 12:03:07 CDT 2006

* "Tom Spear (Dustin Booker, Dustin Navea)" <speeddymon at> [23/04/06, 11:40:39]:
> Yes you do, but personally I hate the appdb, and im rarely ever going to 
> pull up irc even though it is installed, because i dont like having to 
> switch networks back and forth. 


> I'm sure that the majority of users (the non-techies anyways) will 
> second most of what I said above.  I think the winehq site suffers from 
> information overload (theres waaaay too much info all over it), and so 
> putting a forum in will make things a lot easier to maintain..

How will a forum make maintance easier? I would see that for a Wiki
where everybody can edit.. but a forum?

> Personally I think all we need is winehq, bugzilla, the mailing lists 
> and the forums.  IRC can stay, but lets make it our own server, 
>, so that we have some control over what happens.. versus 
> not having any control when the server dies.  Come to think of it, I 
> have been netadmin for multiple irc networks, and server admin on 
> several others.  Hell most of my C experience was in modifying servers 
> to do what I wanted, and to fix bugs that the devs didn't properly 
> fix...  I may be a bit rusty, but I would be glad to get another shell 
> account somewhere and host out of my own pocket (maybe 
> with a little help from the fund, but not much), and at the same time I 
> can put the forums on there too..

Two things:
* How would getting our own IRC server fix the "having to switch
  networks back and forth" problem? As opposed to freenode, where I can
  hang out in #wine-devel, #winehq, #samba-technical and so on, I now
  need to switch networks if I want to go from #wine-devel to

* You said some paragraphs before that you didn't like IRC. Why do you
  suddenly volunteer to run a server?

Just my EUR 0.02

Kai Blin, (blin at gmx dot net)
Reapply as necessary.

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