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Francesco Pietra frapietra at
Sun Apr 23 11:16:56 CDT 2006

Thanks for answering. I also lack any personal chemdraw, the installation is 
in the institution. therefore i never tried with wine because there is no 
linux there. i have already got something non-linux running on debian at 

another opportunity has emerged: a free chemical drawing program that 
exchanges files with chemdraw according to my trials today with simple files. 
once i am finished with tests for the viceversa exchange and for complex 
files, it will be worth while to try running this free program on wine. may 
be you can help, it would be great from my viewpoint.

the problem is the time: i use debian testing 32 on the pc and suddendly it 
does not print any more: client-error. although the error suggested end 
failure, i uninstalled all cups and gs-esp and reinstalled all. same error. 
non-professioanl administrators like me easily forget the specific howto 
(some minor detail in this case but enough to prevent printing) and loose a 
lot of time in doing everything ab initio.


On Sunday 23 April 2006 14:04, KGJ wrote:
> Hi,
> Francesco Pietra wrote:
> > I do believe that the choice among e-mail/forum/faq for wine depends on
> > the individual approach to wine.
> >
> > For people, like me, who approach wine to solve their specific problems,
> > and when solved they forget about wine until a new need arises, if ever
> > (but i am aware my own are general problems in science) the faq solution
> > is the best one.
> >
> > Just a couple of examples:
> >
> > 1) I posted a query about the feasibility of running the chemical drawing
> > package "chemdraw" on wine. Lack of a package on unix that allows
> > exchanging files with chemdraw is today the hindrance to have molecular
> > scientists fully to unix (linux). Not a minor gap in science because most
> > chemdraw users do not know unix and thrive on restrictive OSs that limit
> > their science and their minds.
> I like your attitude towards science. But I am afraid, I can't try/help
> running chemdraw on wine because I do not own a licence for it. Are
> there any known errors? How about this AppDB entry?
> > 2)I posted a query about the feasibility of running nikon film scanner
> > through wine, just to have the nikon coolscan V (most unfortunately my
> > own, as available in europe, is usb and not scsi). This is by far a minor
> > problems with respect to the one above but it is anyway another example
> > of query.
> Wine isn't aimed to run drivers. I tried to run a Canon printer with it
> but without success. Perhaps you can get some drivers to work with a lot
> of time and programming knowledge. Otherwise you might want to try
> ReactOS: . I think their goal is to be driver
> compatible. It needs AFAIK a lot of further development but it might be
> worth a try?
> > Well, I got no answer (except one privately from my country). What about
> > access now to my queries? Practically no access, so that I have no hope
> > to get further help about. It might be different with faq.
> >
> > I agree however that a forum may be of interest to those who approach
> > wine per se and have a standing supply of problems for wine.
> >
> > I hope this is a contribution (although i am aware that having both faq
> > and forum requires having people to maintain both them). If not, forget
> > about my mail.
> >
> > Cheers
> > francesco pietra
> I would hope that those things can develop. For example, a user can open
> a thread in the forum to solve a problem. If the solution is found,
> these thread could be summarized in the FAQ or on a wiki page, depending
> on the length of the solution. I am aware that many users wouldn't do
> this and the threads ends just rotting in the forum. But that's better
> compared to the possibility to never discuss that problem. At least the
> thread would summarize what was tried and whether this is a solution or
> not ;)
> Greetings KGJ

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