Re-proposal: web forums

Tom Spear (Dustin Booker, Dustin Navea) speeddymon at
Sun Apr 23 22:06:18 CDT 2006

Kai Blin wrote:
> * "Tom Spear (Dustin Booker, Dustin Navea)" <speeddymon at> [23/04/06, 13:00:51]:
>> See directly below..  People see all of these choices on where to go to 
>> get help, but dont like any of them (dont want to be flooded with 
>> emails, dont want to search the archives, or it isnt in the archives, 
>> dont know how to use bugzilla and dont want to learn, dont like the 
>> appdb, etc, etc, etc), so they go to somewhere else.  The wiki isnt 
>> really designed for posting questions to, so they dont use that either..
> And that make maintance easier how?
Because we only have 1 place to update, the wiki (as it is now) and then 
the rest should just link to there, including sticky topics in the 
forum, which will most likely be the most read thing on there..  If it 
doesnt make maintenance easier it at least cuts down on the duplicate 
questions posted all over wine-devel, wine-users, third party forums, 
irc, newsgroups, bugzilla and the appdb.....  That is what i really 
meant by makes maintenance easier...  But it wasn't the proper wordiong 
>>> * How would getting our own IRC server fix the "having to switch
>>>  networks back and forth" problem? As opposed to freenode, where I can
>>>  hang out in #wine-devel, #winehq, #samba-technical and so on, I now
>>>  need to switch networks if I want to go from #wine-devel to
>>>  #samba-technical.
>> It doesnt prevent that, it just makes it easier to control how fast the 
>> server comes back up in the event it goes down for whatever reason..
> If I read correctly, they seem to
> have 16 servers up and running. I never had any major problems
> connecting. As opposed to us having a single point of failure. Besides,
> freenode is where I'd look for most free project's IRC channels
Fine whatever.. Personally I dont like having to keep an irc client 
open, but i would be more inclined to do so if we had our own server... 
Then we could do java irc from one of the website's servers, making 
another point of contact (and also making live help more readily 
accessible to those unfamiliar with irc)...

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